Oily Skin Treatment

Oily skin can cause pimples, zits, rough pores, blackheads and other embarrassing blemishes. For a teenager, this condition can be an emotional rollercoaster!

While it’s not exactly the end of the world to get a pimple or skin rash, oily skin treatment is important for a person’s self-confidence in this society that puts a high value on how good you look.

This condition is caused when the sebaceous glands are overactive and begin producing excess oil. This makes the skin shiny and causes the pores to become enlarged. This condition can be caused by heredity, diet, hormone levels, certain cosmetics, excessive exposure to humidity and heat, pregnancy and birth control pills.

While mostly prevalent in teenagers because of changing hormonal activity, it can affect people at all ages. However, as people outgrow adolescence their skin becomes dryer, thus decreasing the amount of oily skin and blemishes. It’s not uncommon for a young person to see their skin progressively improve once they enter their late twenties.

Here are a few suggestions in seeking oily skin treatment. Wash oily skin regularly with a good facial cleanser and plenty of hot (not just lukewarm) water. This prevents the pores from being clogged. Don’t use regular soap as it is too dehydrating for the skin. And don’t wash more than say 3 times a day as this may cause the skin to be overly dry. A thin film of oil is actually healthy for the skin and helps to keep your skin supple.

Keep a packet of oil control film with you at all times when you are outdoors. Many brands are available. Those from reputable brands like Johnson & Johnsons work especially well. Whenever you feel your skin being oily to the touch, just use a sheet or two of the oil control film to remove excessive oil from your face. This is very effective for those with oily skin.

Getting oily skin treatment would also mean avoiding cosmetic products that strip your skin of oil and encourage flakiness. This can lead to a reaction known asReactive Seborrhea, where the oil glands start to overcompensate and strain because of the loss of natural oils. Use oil-based cleansing products but avoid any lotions or cleansers with alcohol. Finish up after cleansing with an oil freemoisturizer to keep your skin supple.

Other recommendations in oily skin treatment are to have a good diet, not eating or drinking too much sugar, fluids, fats and salt. Eat healthy foods that contain a diverse range of vitamins. Vitamin B2 for example is essential for skin tautness and natural Vitamin C helps keep the pimples at bay.

Avoid excessive fluids but drink plenty of water. Don’t overindulge in beverages like soft drinks and coffee. Tea is fine. Avoid cooking with oil and further maintain your health by sleeping well and exercising regularly. If you smoke oily skin treatment is the least of your problems. Less oily skin is one more reason to quit smoking.

In addition to natural oily skin treatment, you can also purchase antiseptic night cream and cosmetic products that offer oily skin treatment. Make sure to take care of your skin and use an antiseptic protection before applying make up.

While having a blemish on your face is not the end of the world, with the advent of advance medical research in this field, there are many types of oily skin treatments to help keep your condition under control and pimple free.

Acne Treatment

There’s an entire skin care management system called Acnezine that finds the source of your acne and not only heals the blemishes you have, but also treats future outbreaks that you don’t even see yet. It eliminates spots, pimples, redness, blackheads and whiteheads safely and also works to cleanse the entire body.

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